Illustration by  Don Austin

Illustration by Don Austin


AI, crowdsourced thought harvesting, and bionic augmentation converge in this cyberpunk short story set in a post-quake San Francisco


Rachel wove headfirst through the fog filled maze of graffiti and trash that lined the chokingly narrow streets of the ‘Loin. Used hypos skittered at her feet, their glass twinkling with reflections of signs for vape implants, bail bonds and skin mods. Echo of afterhours beats at the dUb club pulsed at the edge of her senses, dull cymatics rippling through the stacked shipping containers that had been hastily converted to storefronts and housing. Ads flickered to life as she hurried past the shuttered shops, leaving a trail of looping video and distorted audio behind her.  Continue reading Daydreamers on Medium